Race Report - MR25 Ultra

* This report written by my wife Suzie. Sebagai menghormati kejayaan beliau dalam 1st attemp in international event an accidentally do her 1st Full Marathon and Ultra at the same time. She manage to clock 52KM in 11hours 22minute. This also jarak terjauh dan masa terpanjang yg dia pernah buat dalam hidup dia. As a recap for her history, she is mother of 4 kids, she's running her own business. Dia baru lps bersalin January this year and only start running seriously in this past 4 month. Hope her story can encourage us to go beyond what we can expect. Anyway, aku percaya perempuan sentiasa tegar kepada kesakitan and they are always an "ULTRA" walaupon dpa xberlari skali pon. Below article xda edit2.. it come from her directly. Ole - Arman

Muka belum insaf...

Kalau rasa gembira cepat lari
Kalau rasa gembira cepat lari
Kalau rasa gembira beginilah caranya
Kalau rasa gembira cepat lari

This cute short hymn is one of my self motivation throughout the completion of 50km in MR25 event…why is that so? Yup, it is due to the mental block faced in making this ultra trail event a success for me.  This event is the most exciting one I ever experienced in my life. Before this, the longest distance I've ever ran might be around 800-1200m – that is while doing the warming up before I started my training in my hi-school. I might have numbers and numbers of medals or trophies back home but it wont be the same with this ‘medal’ I owned in MR25.

Enjoy our time together in running.. 
Nobody expected that I could completed 50km in those hours, even I myself also did not targeted that high for this race,only completed 30km is good enough for me already…but there is one person that believe I can do it..yes, it is the miracle angel, my dearest hubby, Arman, whom believe in the hidden talent I've got here. No matter how much I praised him, says my gratitude for his support and etc, nothing can be replaced with my feels of security being with him, at all time. 
Dgn cool Ultra buddy..
Few days before the event, I could not sleep well…it might be nervousness or whatever we call it, my mind tend to be awaken most nights quite sometimes.. I did try to read novels after novels as to call for the sleepiness that can make me fall asleep but through times, I sleep hours after midnight  then, another drama appear as Mr Arman tend to voice his painful leg and his sore body.  But the feelings eventually disappear immediately after we make it through the immigration. With excitement about the race to come, I manage to get quite a fantastic sleeping before the race day the next morning.  
Craze Yim and Craze Zinov..
That marvelous Sunday morning, it is an awesome experience in meeting those ‘otai-otai’ in the running world such as wonder women Karen, super brother Yim, elite man Cikgu Syed and Zinov, the most friendly star brother Mohan and many more that I couldn't name them…at first I do feel timid as through my rough observation, I was the only one ‘super-healthy’ runner for the event…but that would not crush down my spirit in the game…I take it positively as to see my endurance in those provided 12hours instead of how KM’s I can make it…seriously, I didn't hear any numbers targeted by those big names in running  world while chitchatting with them instead of they taking this event as part of their training or endurance challenges. With the blown horn, the event started and I put on positive thoughts only as an early motivation kick out… 

Pacer 12 jam...
At the first 20km, I managed to put myself in an easy condition without major injuries and I keep on continuing until my 30km of the run…my motivation is always high throughout the run because I received a lot of support and magic words from running passers and also the stories of success friends from my hubby. While on my way back after the u-turn at the bridge for my 30km, I started to feel touched by those encouragement givens and at the same time, I was touched by my own fighting spirit in the game. By time, tears flow from my cheeks but I tried to cover it up so that my handsome hubby wouldn't see it… tears wet my cheeks quite number of times and until now (even while writing this story-mory), my heart was still touched by the memories of MR25…huhuhu.. how I missed the moment..

Muka ada ala2 insaf skit.. this is the last loop..
At each 10kms completed, my spirit of continuing the run marvelously high..after 30km completed, I would feel sorry for myself if I didn't make it to another round as I missed those supportive faces, those magical words, the down to earth runners cheering all the way…and I missed the great story teller who have been run with me for the first 30km..he knows who he is… for my 40km run, it is quite hard to complete as I started to feel the sore on both legs especially those gigantic hips, hehehe…that loop, I guess most of it I just walked and doing very little running all the way round. I always make the final hatched house as a marker that I almost reach the starting line again and at meeting it, I screamed happily, as if I found out a gold marker at the place…

Xpernah xsenyum.. besar pahala in 12 jam..

Completing the 40km was a big relief for me and at the same time, the unsure of continuing the run started to play in my mind…reaching the starting line, a lady asked me whether I am going to continue it or not as there is only +-3hours left for the game…and confidently I say YES without looking at my hubby – as seeking for his willingness to accompany me for the last 10km. At this point, we only rest for a really short time just enough to take a long breath and to have sips of POCARI water…we left when it only left 3h and 45mins to go before the time ended… for the first 5km, I suffered a lot throughout the fast walking session and at the same time, runners are getting lesser..i guess there’s only me left as to complete those 50km but after the u-turn, I saw quite a number runners doing their final loops… that totally boost my spirit and at the same time, my pacer always telling me that we are behind the time and we might not manage to complete those 50km in time…with that, I took my whole last energy and really pushed myself to the limit…to my shock, I thought that my body would shutdown due to tiredness but this is the best part after all, as I started to run again for the last 5km back to the finishing line. In my mind, I thought I was about to cry when I reach the finishing line…but then I was smiling all the way down to complete my run; with runners whom finished earlier clapped for both me and my hubby…reaching the finishing line, I saw from the time board that there are extra 40 minutes before the cut off time and I was shocked, indeed…surprised as I thought I was behind the time but then I knew that my hubby tactically told me that we are out of time as to see my further action/motivation towards it…many thanks dearie for making me running along the way with the unofficial ‘gangnam’ aka jahanam style…heee…very stylo indeed…

Well, there are a lot and bunch of lessons that I’ve learned throughout this game, and many thanks to those inspire me and nice meeting those smiley faces, a group of a very low profile superstars (u know who u are)… and to the idols of mine – the NUTS team… the title ultra is not even match for me as I am really beginner here and there are a lot for me to learn and I will keep challenging myself to another extra distance to come, insyaAllah… for the time being, I am officially ‘gantung kasut’ for couple days before getting serious training for my next event…

 - Suzie


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