....“Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) will go on with peaceful assembly on 25.11.2007 with or without police permit according to Article 10 of the Federal Constitution – Right to assemble peacefully without arms”. Be there at the British High Commision, Jalan Ampang at 10am.

....Hindraf is planning to hold a rally outside the British High Commission in support of a class-action suit against the British government for bringing Indians to Malaysia as indentured workers, for exploiting them for 150 years, and for failing to protect their rights as a minority in the federal constitution when Malaya's independence was granted.

The rally is to petition Queen Elizabeth II for a Queen's Counsel to represent the Indian community in the suit, which was filed on Aug 30 in the United Kingdom.

* Ni apa ni tiap2 minggu ada gelombang ni. Is this fight for nation or fight for specific races? Kalu for races, it not going anywhere. Sbb malaisi alway have a races issues (races in politic, races in everthings). Kalu for BANGSA MALAISI (for all races), than it going to be supported by everyone. No wonder no coverage from the bloggers.

Futher article

Futher, kawan2 bloggers duk buat lawak. Dpa kata, "25 ni ada rally, GELOMBANG HITAM anjuran KOTOR". Kasaq betol bunyik dia. Senyum tawaq ja la.

Lagi Dato Ron ( plak anjurkan,

- Tiap sabtu pakai apa ja KUNING to continue the legacy of GELOMBANG KUNING.
- Tiap jumaat pakai MERAH pada sapa2 dalam gomen. Just to show internal protest.

Then smlam aku sangkut sejam sengah kat tol sg besi. Haram betol, roadblock xsudah. Apa masalah pon xtau la depa ni. Lagi buat org ramai sakit ati ngan pihak berkuasa ni. Akai ada ka. Feed up btol la.


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