Smashing Pumpkins is back (Zeitgeist album)

Huhu.. mmg btol buat aku xsnang duduk ari nie.. pagi ni office mate akukasi aku dgr soundtrack Transformer.. siut.. ada smashing pumpkins beb..tajuk Doomsday Clock.. 2nd song after Taman Linkin.. aku mmg fan Smashing Pumpkins dari aku skolah menengah lagi.. masa tu org layan Nirvana.. aku doklayan Smashing Pumpkins.. smua collection dia aku ada sampai la ni.. this band dah pecah lama dah.. thn 2000 ..

tapi lps aku dpt dgr soundtrack ni aku find out ada new album la.. siut.. arrhhhhggg.. mcm disuruh2.. smuanya datang balik beb... to all smashinglover.. get the album now.. more info

Zeitgeist ((audio) (help·info)) is The Smashing Pumpkins' official sixth album (excluding
Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music, freely distributed via the Internet).
German for "The Spirit of the Age," Zeitgeist is set to be released on July 10, 2007[1] in
the United States, although the album was originally slated to be released on July 7, 2007
(i.e. 07/07/07). It will be the first official album to be released under the Smashing
Pumpkins name since 2000, and the first new material to be released since two of its
original members, vocalist and guitarist Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, reunited
in 2005.
The track "Doomsday Clock" will appear on the soundtrack of the movie Transformers. On June
19, 2007, the track was released to iTunes.[7]

Track listing
"Doomsday Clock" – 3:44
"7 Shades of Black" – 3:17
"Bleeding the Orchid" – 4:03
"That's the Way (My Love Is)" – 3:48
"Tarantula" – 3:51
"Starz" – 3:43
"United States" – 9:53
"Neverlost" – 4:20
"Bring the Light" – 3:40
"(Come On) Let's Go!" – 3:19
"For God and Country" – 4:24
"Pomp and Circumstances" – 4:20

Bonus tracks
"Death from Above"


Only Those Who Risk Going Far Can Possibly Find Out How Far They Can Go

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